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The Contrasting Styles of the AFL’s Big Men The Shots that Made the 2017 Coleman Medal

Posted in ExpScore, Scoring Map, Shot Quality, and xScore

Round 23 will be long remembered for the “live ladder” fueled drama on Sunday evening which saw West Coast creep into the eight at the…

Every Shot in the 2017 Coleman Medal Race A Wide Open Race

Posted in Analytics Landscape, ExpScore, Scoring Map, Shot Quality, and xScore

The injury to Josh Kennedy is dragging on. With Adam Simpson ruling out the two-time Coleman medalist from the Eagles’ elimination final rematch with the…

A Fresh Way to Think About Footy – West Coast v Western Bulldogs Mark/Free Kick Mapping and Player Tracking

Posted in Analytics Landscape, Game Analysis, Player Tracking, Scoring Map, and Team Metrics

Followers of this blog have likely read my thoughts on the lacklustre¬†state of AFL analytics, both inside clubs and throughout media has a whole. The…

Ratings After Round 23 How each team sits after the H&A season

Posted in Game Analysis, and Ratings

A couple of big games have shaken up the 8 completely after the last round of the Home & Away season. Not only does the…

A Brief Analysis of Scoring Shots in the Grand Final

Posted in Game Analysis, and Scoring Map

I have been playing around with different types of data visualisation lately, particularly visualising scoring shots. I’m hoping to clearly see the quality of chances each team created to get a better idea of the styles they are playing and also their finishing ability. I previously looked at Goal-Kicking Accuracy¬†in a very general sense and found that every team converts at more-or-less the same percentage (Goals/Behinds) in the long run. However, in that post I didn’t consider the quality of chances created, which is something I plan to spend much more time on in the future.