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  1. Terry Lockwood
    Terry Lockwood

    Attn.Robert Younger
    Goal Kicking Accuracy Maps
    I investigated the geometry of set-shot goal-kicking about 10 years ago with Prof. Peter Galbraith and we published two articles.
    The set-shot accuracy maps you have developed pretty much line up exactly with the theoretical approach we took. Our procedure also resulted in a series of circles emerging from the goal-mouth.
    We also devised a very simple method that footballers could engage during set-shot preparation to assess the accuracy demand of a kick from any position.
    We also explored possible training techniques that characterised any player’s set-shot accuracy over various distances. I gather that for 2020 you are involved at Melbourne Football Club (and hopefully still are.)
    Maybe we could talk. I can send you a copy of a paper (one was seriously academic, the other for a general audience.)

    June 19, 2020

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