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Tag: Geelong

Why 2017 Results Are Flattering The Cats A re-introduction to ShotPlots

Posted in Analytics Landscape, ExpScore, Scoring Map, Shot Quality, and xScore

You may have noticed the website has been a bit quiet lately. Along with the usual “life commitments” spiel, the main reason for this lack…

Your Club’s Most Important Avenue to Goal: Score Involvements in 2016 The Four Styles of Scoring Team

Posted in Analytics Landscape, Score Involvements, and Team Metrics

Over the last few years some new stats terms have crept into the footy fan’s lexicon. It’s unlikely at the start of the decade you…

A Fresh Way to Think About Footy – Geelong v Sydney (Guest Post) Attacking/Defensive Heatmaps and Contested Marks

Posted in Analytics Landscape, Game Analysis, and Guest Post

For a change of pace this week, I have handed over the reins of the Figuring Footy stallion (colt?) to other amateur footy writers. I’m interested to see what insights…

A Fresh Way to Think About Footy – Geelong v Hawthorn Score Involvements and Close Games/SQP

Posted in Analytics Landscape, ExpScore, Game Analysis, Ladder Discussion, Scoring Map, and Team Metrics

Followers of this blog have likely read my thoughts on the lacklustre state of AFL analytics, both inside clubs and throughout media has a whole. The…