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The ‘Simulated Gut’ Season Predictor My Entry to The Arc's Projection Challenge

Posted in Simulation, and Tipping

This season, The Arc is running a simple little competition asking footy fans and modelers alike to predict and assign a probability to each team…

A Fresh Way to Think About Footy – Sydney v GWS Forward Reliance/Leading Areas and Team Ratings

Posted in Analytics Landscape, ExpScore, Game Analysis, Ratings, Scoring Map, Shot Quality, and Trends and Historic Analysis

Followers of this blog have likely read my thoughts on the lacklustre state of AFL analytics, both inside clubs and throughout media has a whole. The…

Ratings After Round 23 How each team sits after the H&A season

Posted in Game Analysis, and Ratings

A couple of big games have shaken up the 8 completely after the last round of the Home & Away season. Not only does the…

2016 Round 23 – Tips and Predictions One Final Round and Teams Could Bring Anything

Posted in Tipping

As we enter the last week of the regular season, I feel I should do any new readers a favour and reiterate a point I’ve made…

Ratings After Round 22 Just How Quickly Are Hawthorn Fading?

Posted in Ratings

Here are the FFSS ratings following this round. Ratings changes are pretty static come this time of the year. We have learned so much about each…