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Category: Tipping

2016 Round 15 – Tips and Predictions Slim Pickin'

Posted in Ratings, and Tipping

Round 15 sees the last week of the bye period play out and I have no doubt that footy fans everywhere will be eager to…

2016 Round 14 – Tips and Predictions Top-8 set, boring footy begins

Posted in Ratings, and Tipping

With the top-8 looking sewn shut after last week’s results, it put’s us footy fans (and tippers) in an a bit of a strange position…

Round 12 Tips and Predictions Bulldogs, North and Swans to upset the favourites

Posted in Ratings, and Tipping

After a delayed start to the week, the weekend has caught me off-guard and I only just have time to rush out a quick post…

2016 Round 7 – Tips and Predictions Injury affected predictions

Posted in Ratings, and Tipping

When I first introduced the Figuring Footy predictive model, FFSS it came with a significant caveat, injuries are not directly considered. Ratings and predictions are determined…

2016 Round 6 – Tips and Predictions Top of the ladder on Friday night

Posted in Ratings, and Tipping

There are probably only 4 or  5 games of genuine interest this week, assuming that we don’t have any major upsets. The pick of the…