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Ratings After Round 17 Port are now into the FFSS top-8, will the AFL top-8 be next?

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Round 18 2016 FFSS RatingsFor the first time since Round 4 there has been a change in which teams the FFSS model rates as the top 8 in the comp. After losing pretty comfortably to Port on the weekend, North slip to our 9th best team while the Power themselves climb above them to be considered the more dangerous side.

The ratings change after that match was not quite as drastic as you would usually expect given the 28pt margin. North created nearly as many quality chances as the Power but were let down mainly by their poor kicking in front of the sticks. If both teams had converted their shots at the AFL average for the difficulty of shot taken, the final margin would have been only 7pts in the favour of Port.

The FFSS ratings incorporates the fact they were not blown out of the water in general play when calculating the ratings change. That being said, it would be hard to make the argument that the Kangaroos are a better side, after losing at home by 5 goals under any circumstance. The ratings now reflect this.

North still hold a 2 game advantage on the competition ladder, so will be naturally be more likely than the Power to play finals footy this year. But they undoubtedly look the weakest link in a currently very competitive 8.1 What will play out in games involving those teams in 9th and 10th over the last few rounds of the regular season may well be interesting after-all.



  1. It should be noted, that FFSS ratings consider a club as a whole and do not make concessions for injuries. Injuries are definitely something that you should keep in mind when considering North’s fall from grace.

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