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Ratings After Round 11 Could Port Adelaide Disturb the "Set" 8?

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Round 12 2016 FFSS RatingsApologies for the slight delay in ratings this week. Big storms in Sydney over the weekend crashed the Amazon Web Servers which made getting the Scoring Shot data used in the FFSS ratings a bit tricky.

Because of the delay, we’re already right in to a new week of footy, so I won’t spend too long recapping what went down last week. Just a quick couple of┬ácomments on how the matches have affected how we rate some teams.

Port’s big win against Collingwood in Melbourne has seen them jump up the rankings. Ugly losses by their two closest ranked rivals below in Richmond and St Kilda, move the Power away from the bottom-middle group of teams into a new group by themselves, sitting between the top-8 and the rest. They look like the only team that could possibly make the leap into the 8, but will require a series of slip-ups from a team ahead of them.

GWS’s second loss in a row sees them fall away from the top-8 a little bit. There is no shame to losing against Adelaide in Adelaide and Geelong in Geelong. But the way in which they were significantly beaten in terms of creating quality scoring shots against both sides is a little disappointing for a team ranked 6th only a fortnight ago. Then again, a win against Sydney this week and that will all be forgotten.

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